The Everchosen

from by Claymorean



Song about the main antagonist of the story, Archaon the lord of the end times. Once a faithful servant of Sigmar’s temple, Archaon went mad when stumbled upon the secret scrolls and discovered the forbidden dark arts of Chaos which gave him the great power. He became the omen of doom for the world of men and went on a dangerous quest to collect six magical items to become a true champion of Chaos gods in the forthcoming war against the forces of The Empire.


The Everchosen
(music & lyrics by Vladimir Garčević)

He was the faithful servant of God and Emperor
Devout to Sigmar’s temple, zealous and honorable
The mark of the witchunter he bears and he is sworn
to fight the Hordes of Chaos, for such deeds he was born

Deep into the dungeons he found
scrolls of arkane wisdom lost

Chaos will rise
Eternal champion in favor of gods
Death in his eyes
Archaon the lord of the End times

Temple and all its splendor in service of false god
Dark prophecy’s awakened, He is the chosen One
Burned all the ancient scriptures, killed all his nearest kin
traveled to northern wastelands, offered his sacrifice

Summoning the ancient daemons
The six treasures he must find


from Unbroken, released July 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Claymorean Lazarevac, Serbia

Epic power metal band from Lazarevac, Serbia.
Combines traditional power metal elements with epic metal.
Lyrics are mostly based on history, fantasy and horror fiction.

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