Sounds from a Dying World

by Claymorean

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Claymorean's second full length album.


"I was pleasantly surprised by Sounds From A Dying World and now I'm interested in checking out more from the Claymorean back catalog.
Sounds From A Dying World will be released by Stormspell Records in Summer 2017, and will definitely please fans of HammerFall, Jag Panzer, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and good ole fashioned leather-n-studs heavy metal in general. Give it a spin. Horns up for the old school!" - Keith Abt

"Without a doubt, Sounds from a Dying World is an impressive work that should be favorably received by epic metal fans worldwide. What’s more, the band just recently played their first show under the name Claymorean, in an opening slot for the mighty Ross the Boss. Would love to see this band on the festival circuit, where these songs would surely go down a storm." - Kit Ekman

"I guess that all those lovers of good-old traditional epic doom or classic power metal should check out Claymorean’s Sounds From a Dying World. I could go even further and just mentioned some bands as Manowar, Candlemass, Cirith Ungol that could suit for the right reference here. Anyway, strongly recommended record!" - Marko Despot Miranovic

"CLAYMOREAN have a more power metal feel to their metal. Not so much the “to battle we march” feeling I had hoped for; the more anthem like sound. But this is so full of life that I have a hard time not liking it. This is the stuff I like to listen to when I drive because it makes the journey so much quicker. And if you are a bunch of people in the car you can have a “Wayne’s World” kinda moment. And that is just epic." - Anders Ekdahl

"The defining features from start to finish are the quality riffs that are delivered with economy, and Garčević’s versatile and efficient vocals. Compared to the band’s previous life as Claymore, the production on this is much more raw and gritty, the polish and shine being removed much as the pomp and keyboards have been. Fans of Virgin Steele and Warlock have a like-minded option with Claymorean and will find SOUNDS FROM A DYING WORLD it hits the sweet spot somewhere between both of those bands." - Erich @

"I didn't much care for Claymorean's last album, Unbroken, but I'm finding 2017's Sounds from a Dying World a much more focused effort from this Serbian band. The songwriting has been stripped down to guitars/drums/vocals with only a few keyboard/sound effect flourishes. Singer Dejana Betsa Garcevic gets into her performance and really wails on tracks like "Old Mountain" and "Blood-Red Shield." The music is less Power and more Traditional metal with the bulk of the tempos in the mid-paced range. Lyrical inspiration is drawn from authors like Howard ("Cimmeria"), Moorcock ("Rage of the White Wolf") and Lovecraft ("Blackest Void") and Claymorean give them appropriate gravitas with their compositions. My favorite track is "Blood-Red Shield", an ode to Norse shield maidens. The way the riffs pound like drums and Garcevic pours her heart into the chorus takes me to a time long past. There is a cover of Cloven Hoof's "Astral Rider" to close out the album and it works better than the Manilla Road cover on the last album. If albums like The Curse of the Crystal Viper get your fist in the air, then Sounds from a Dying World is sure to do the same." - MetalMike


released July 12, 2017

Recorded at Midnight Studio, Lazarevac,
from September to December 2016.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Boris Shurlan.
Cover and booklet design by Satanya.

Claymorean are:
Dejana Garcevic - lead and backing vocals;
Vladimir Garcevic - rhythm, harmony and solo guitars;
Goran Garcevic - bass guitar;
Urosh Kovacevic - solo guitars.

Astral Rider (Cloven Hoof cover) used with kind permission from Lee Andre Payne.

Boris Shurlan uses WesAudio® studio equipment for mixing and mastering.

A huge thanks to our families, friends and supporters from all over the world!

Special thanks to:
Danny Kane & Stormspell Records, Boris Shurlan & Midnight Studio, Lee Andre Payne & Cloven Hoof, Matt & Tanya DeVries, Mark Vander Zanden, Sara McIntosh, Igor & Jadranka Stanic, Nebojsha Djukanovic & Ivana Jankovic, Milosh Krsmanovic, Milan Von Stone & Miner Records, Mark “The Shark” Shelton & Bryan “Hellroadie” Patrick (and everyone from Manilla Road), Nevena Lazarevic, Dushan Markovic, Marko „Despot“ Miranovic, Serbian Metal Portal, Nikola Vukobratovic & Zlabog Promotions, Goran „Jelsa“ Jelic & Karakondzula, and everyone else who had the patience to listen to our demos while we were preparing the new material and supported our music in any way possible!

This album is dedicated to Dejan "Cile" Pavlovic, the greatest rocker who walked this Earth. Forever in our hearts and minds. Never forgotten.



all rights reserved


Claymorean Lazarevac, Serbia

Epic power metal band from Lazarevac, Serbia.
Combines traditional power metal elements with epic metal.
Lyrics are mostly based on history, fantasy and horror fiction.

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Track Name: The Road to Damnation
I’m passing through infinite void, the road to damnation
For centuries it has been foretold that I am the One
No light in this desolate space, no sign of salvation
The sorcerer said he’ll be there to open the gate

Then from the mist a figure appeared
its cloak was black as the night
With skinless hands it reached out to me
I heard its voice in my mind

I am the ruler of Hell, king of your soul
I am the bringer of pain, here in this hole witness your fall

I’m holding the sword in my hand, blade of the pure vengeance
I know now I have been betrayed by those I once saved
For only this steel I can trust, my faithful companion
And before my life turns to dust, I’ll go down fighting

Once I was free, one with the wind
heir to the throne of the Earth
Then came the day hope disappeared
crushed with the dark magick

Why am I here in this realm, into the storm?
You have been summoned at last, doomed is your soul, now hear my words

You think you were born from your mother’s womb
but seed that created you was mine
I watched as you grew, seen what you’ve become
the last piece of my prophecy

Now that the truth is revealed, pain is no longer in me
Even my life was a lie, but now I'm ready to die
And as I stand on my feet, clenching the hilt on my sword
The only thing you will feel is cold embrace of my steel

Now I’m the ruler of Hell, queen of all souls
I am the bringer of death, second to none
I am the ruler of Hell, queen of all souls
I am the bringer of death, second to none, witness the fall
Track Name: Old Mountain
To know the gods
is to deny
all of my fears
all I have been

This pain, immortal
My blade yields to the hammer
This rage, destroyer
My name cursing the heavens

The breath is cold
sleep comes to me
I close my eyes
and dream of home

This pain, immortal
My blade yields to the hammer
This rage, destroyer
My name cursing the heavens

Where sunlight dies in darkened skies
Away we go to the mountain of old
On frozen throne, in caves below
the seer awaits, our fate is foretold
Track Name: Cimmeria
Born on the field of the battle
arched by the grey clouds
Baptized in rain from the heavens
and clamor of dying men

Oh, sombre land,
Your stillness is yet to be broken
Endless you stand
Only your name is forgotten

Follow the trail of the ravens
voices of ancient woods
Cold winds are louder than thunder
shrouded in eternal night
Track Name: Blood-Red Shield
Falling snow over mountains
Time to go on this road again

On the silent shore I await
for the long boats to return home

See the trail of the ancient glory
See the sky where the ravens reign
See the sign of the distant thunder
Oden’s light that will show the way

Father, I stand as the equal to the chosen
whom are given your power
to wield and to carry the honor
‘cross the seas to the lands of endless spring

Clad in iron with blood-red shield
Path of destiny is revealed

Blood-maiden proudly stands on the battlefield
Shield-maiden, she will feast in the halls of the dead

Father, I lay as the equal to the fallen
whom are given your mercy
to stand in the courts of Valhalla
and to be in the land of endless spring
Track Name: Rage of the White Wolf
Time’s running out and there is no salvation
towers are burning in a raging storm
In my last moment I see portals blazing
The wizard runs towards the light divine

Out of the dark comes a hope, dawn of a new age
The Elven blood of the old, baptised in fire

Fire & blood

His bones are broken but his spirit’s restless
His mind is tainted by revenge and death
Upon his journey he will face betrayal
but none can stand against the destiny

Out of the dark comes a hope, dawn of a new age
The Elven blood of the old, baptised in fire

Fire & blood
Track Name: The Final Journey
Fear holds the key to madness
See how the mighty fall
Past light of kingdom once so glorious
Fading like dying embers
in ocean full of stars
Closing the chapter of this story

Last song of countless voices
Last breath of ancient home

No one heed the final warning
coming from the crimson skies
Onward to our final journey
Sail on deep into the night

And on a black horizon
veiled in the moonless shade
all of our memories soon will fade away
Red giant lost his battle
drowned in a scarlet storm
New life is waiting to be born

Last song of countless voices
Last breath of ancient home

Oh, so far away, crossing the vast universe
there is a chance to renew all the choices we made
So far away, crossing the vast universe
there is a chance for the choices we made
Track Name: Blackest Void
What is this barren place?
Feels so cold and dark in here
I call but silence answers me
My voice is lost in endless space
No, no!

In time the vision starts to clear
shaping things inside my mind
Before me stands a massive stone
Monolith of ancient gods

As I’m staring into heavens
all I see is blackened void
Light is dying in my eyes

Could it be it’s just a dream
or a distant memory
from another life and time?
Cause it all seems so unreal
but I’m still not waking up
I wish all is just a dream

As I’m gazing into heavens
all I see is blackened void
Light is dying in my eyes
and I’m falling into darkness
merging with the blackest void
Life is fading from my eyes
Track Name: Astral Rider (Cloven Hoof cover)
Take a trip out of consciousness
across the great divide
Astral thought projection
suspended in time
Flying high through cosmic oceans
supernatural skies
Leave the Earthbound minions
so very far behind

As one with the universe
beyond pleasure and pain
Die hard retrogression
being reborn again

Nightriders on the astral planes

Frontiers of meditation
the search for inner light
Take a look through the minds eye
on an endless flight
Between the gates of forever
void of love and hate
Life and death have no meaning
in animated state

A spectrum of fantastic colours
Incandescent bright
Vibrating on a timeless wavelength
a vision of paradise

We're gonna take you to a place
where the king of terror reigns
Carnage and mutilation
degredates your burning remains